Launched a screenshot tool for Windows

I was looking for a good screenshot tool but didn't find one. So I built one.

I've been looking for various screenshot tools that could quickly create snapshots for sharing on social media. I found Xnapper but it was only for Mac. I looked further for Windows alternatives and there was NexSnap.

I installed it but it didn't work for me either. It always showed a blank screen.

This Sunday, I launched SnapInker. It was fun creating this app. It just took a few hours to set everything up. I used .NET WPF for creating this.

I already had created ZeroAM and ValueTools with WPF so was quite familiar with it.

I'll add more features that are in my list. For now, I am waiting for people to try this. I've already sent the download link to a few people on twitter who had shown interest.

If you are interested to try this app, DM me on Twitter and I'll share the link.

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