Why nopCommerce is a long runner - For Companies

nopCommerce ecosystem is growing and people with great eCommerce ideas are finding it intimidating to use nopCommerce as their trusted solution. With more people using it, it's time startups should have early association with the software.

Update! The article has won the best nopCommerce article award for June 2016.

nopCommerce ecosystem is growing and people with great eCommerce ideas are finding it intimidating to use nopCommerce as their trusted solution. Not only it's FREE and easy to use, the features that it provides put back most of the other competitors. Being the founder of a tech company, I often come across questions when I'm asked by the clients to suggest solutions for their startup. For eCommerce, I suggest them to go with nopCommerce for the kind of features it provides for it's easy license. In this post, I'll share my experience of why I suggest nopCommerce and think how it's going to be a good association for companies.

Why nopCommerce is a long runner - For Companies


nopCommerce has won CMS Critic's Best eCommerce for SMB in 2015. This is one of the most prestigious awards given to various softwares ranging from small scale to enterprise level. The nice part is it's totally decided by the votes received from the users. So having won this award, nopCommerce is surely going to compete for enterprise level. Having an association with them at this point will surely mean your name is going public as well.

Media Interactions

Starting last year, nopCommerce team is organizing nopCommerce conference in Amsterdam. For companies, association with nopCommerce is going to be beneficial in terms of their publicity and advertisements, for it's going to be very good way to showcase themselves as partners of one of the fastest growing eCommerce ecosystem.

SaaS Providers

If you are a cloud service provider startup, association with nopCommerce can quickly take your name to a next big level. The reason is that because the popularity of nopCommerce is growing, it's evident that the team will look to provide nopCommerce as a Service in the very near future. So when they do that, they'll surely look for someone who is optimal with cost and better with services. If you are the one who can and look forward to join their partnership program, it's due season.

Technology Companies

If you are a technology company who is involved in software development, customization and consultancy, association with nopCommerce is going to be a good way to publicize your products and services. You can surely release your customized version of nopCommerce, sell your plugins and themes, provide nopCommerce consultancy and so forth. The possibilities are practically limitless.

Hosting Companies

Now that nopCommerce is getting popular day by day, it's obvious for new store owners to choose nopCommerce over other similar solutions. So if you are a hosting company, association with nopCommerce and providing facility such as one click installation of nopCommerce will just be an eye catcher to your existing hosting plan.

Shipping Companies

If you are a shipping company, whether established or a startup, providing ready-made integration with nopCommerce is a must this time. With so many shipping companies in the race, capturing the nopCommerce market will only possible if you market yourself as nopCommerce trusted shipping company.

Payment Processors

eCommerce is all about providing customers a way to pay securely online. If you are a payment processor and don't have any solution integrating with nopCommerce, your existing customers who want to switch to nopCommerce or are planning to do it already, would eventually look for your nopCommerce compatible plugin. Given the features available in the nopCommerce for small to enterprise level company, they won't probably hesitate to look for an alternative payment method if you don't provide them with yours. These were my experiences so far of using nopCommerce. It has surprised me and it keeps doing that with more features and tuning coming with each release. If you think I missed some points, let me know in the comments.

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