Hello World!

Yay! I launched a SaaS in under 24 hours.

Hey Everyone, This is exciting! The first post about ProductPottery from ProductPottery.

The idea of productpottery came when I saw so many people building in public. They were regularly sharing their updates and growth through twitter. Such was one account, that inspired me so much about his growth that I wanted to see where and how he started.

I started going through his tweets and everything. But I wanted to know the point where his growth path changed from nothing to something worth.

Twitter unfortunately doesn't show the journey or growth the way I wanted; in linear fashion. I thought of creating a product to solve my own problem.

On Sunday, 25th September 2022, I got an idea to build this in 24 hours. I shared this on twitter, but nobody cared.

Eventually I gave it some more thought and planned for its execution.

I shared the plan and started building the product on Monday.

It's been fun two days and here, I am launching my first update about ProductPottery right from inside it.

Sure there are bugs and I'll be correcting them as I move forward, but I feel this challenge just helped me test my own limits. Never before had I shared my product building progress in public.

More to come soon.!

For all those who supported me through Twitter DMs and comments, thanks a lot for your motivational messages and support.

Back to work 🤗

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