Metric Tracking and Twitter Scheduling Added

After launching Product Pottery, I've been working continously to fix bugs and add features that should be essential for audience building.

What's new?

I've added a couple of new things in this update. I had conversations with a couple of makers building in public. I also analysed various tweets and posts. One of the essential aspects of Growth Sharing has been Metrics. However there didn't seem to be any consistent way of sharing metrics.

Metric Editing

ProductPottery users will now be able to add metric milestones. Metric settings will need to be enabled for individual spaces.

Enable Metric Tracking To enable metric tracking for a particular space 👇🏻

  1. Click on My Spaces on top
  2. Click on Edit button next to your space.
  3. The space edit page lists available metrics. Check the ones you will be tracking.
  4. Click Save to save the space.

Add Metric

  1. On the project page, click on the Write → Metric
  2. On the metric editor, select the record date and the metric values.

Twitter Poster and Scheduler

Since most of the build in public projects are being shared on Twitter, it was essential to have a native Twitter scheduler. I've added a twitter scheduler, so all the posts, metric and tweets remain in one place.

To post or schedule a tweet

  1. On the project page, click Write → Tweet
  2. Type your tweet and select the time to post
  3. Tweet or Schedule.
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