Moving ProductPottery to VPS

Currently it's using a shared hosting

I am going to start moving ProductPottery to a VPS server. Currently it's being hosted on a shared server with InterServer. However I am getting some downtimes recently.

The challenge here would be to move all the productpottery based websites (there are not too many at the momenty). The good news is that all the sites use the shared code base. So the challenge would mostly be related to handle the pointed CNAME records.

I am using CloudFlare for SaaS for handling customers' custom domains. If I change the IP at the CF's end, I think it would more or less the work the same way it's working now.

Storage Issue

This is one issue I need to take care now. On shared hosting, I had unlimited web space available. But my VPS is kind of limited in that aspect. I'll need to think of integrating some object storage provider (AWS S3? may be 🤔) to store the image files of the blog.

Next Feature

Next I'll be adding the embed support. This will allow authors to directly integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos, SoundCloud audio files, Tweets, FB Posts etc. writing into their content.

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